Order of Saint Augustine Pdf Download

Order of Saint Augustine Pdf

The Catholic Church’s Order of Saint Augustine Pdf is a religious mendicant order. It was created in 1244 by bringing together many eremitical congregations in the Tuscany region who were following Saint Augustine’s Rule, published in the fifth century by Saint Augustine of Hippo.

They are also known as Augustinians or Austin friars, and were previously known as the Order of Saint Augustine’s Hermits.

The order has propagated reverence of the Virgin Mary under the title of Our Lady of Good Counsel across the world.

Order of Saint Augustine Pdf

Saint Augustine on Order Background

Augustine of Hippo lived in a monastic community, initially with a few companions and then as a bishop with his clergy. Augustine made a virtue of sharing rather than poverty when it came to the use of property or assets.

Others began to mimic their way of life. Augustine’s instructions for their direction may be found in numerous of his writings, particularly in De opere monachorum, which is referred to as the “Rule of St. Augustine” in ancient codices from the eighth or ninth centuries.

Monks and clerics escaping the Vandal persecution brought this way of life to Europe between 430 and 570.


Many eremitical settlements grew up at the start of the 13th century, particularly in the neighbourhood of Siena, Italy. These were usually tiny (no more than ten people) and made up of laypeople. Their founding spirit was one of penance and seclusion.

At the period, eremitical communities might be found in Tuscany, Latium, Umbria, Liguria, England, Switzerland, Germany, and France, among other locations. In 1223, four villages in the Siena area formed a loose union, which grew to thirteen in five years.

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Get the Pdf eBook of this Augustine Order, which is the Roman Catholic Church’s first religious community of men to combine priestly dignity with a full common life.

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