Algorithms to Live By Pdf is the eBook that explains the Computer Science of Human Decisions through the practical implementation of algorithms in daily life decision making.

This book provides an interesting analysis of how computer algorithms can be practically applied to daily life that helps solve everyday decision-making problems and interpret the functioning of the human mind.

If you are interested in learning how the computer algorithm works to make intelligent machines solve different problems, this book will help you understand everything about using Algorithms, in machine learning and the Artificial intelligence.

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Algorithms to Live By PDF Ebook Overview:

The book provides the best knowledge about the algorithms for both beginners and the experience tech professionals.

All the information and  the knowledge included in this book is divided into 11 different chapters, each chapter discuss different aspects and functioning of the algorithms.

The introduction part explains all the fundamentals in very simple plain language for the beginners and then it started to make transition from basics to advance level step by step.

All the 11 chapters of this book, Algorithms To Lie By are listed below:

1. Optimal Stopping 2. Explore/Exploit 3. Sorting 4. Caching 5. Scheduling
6. Bayes’s Rule 7. Overfitting 8. Relaxation 9. Randomness 10. Networking

The 11 and the final chapter is Game Theory: The Minds Of Other.

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It is one of the best book for the students of computer science, machine learning and Artificial Intelligence.

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All the extra details and the information about this Pdf eBook are listed below:

Book Language: English
Number Of Pages: 368 Pages
Publication Year 2016
Authors: Brian Christian, Tom  Griffiths
Pdf File Size: 3.85 Mb