Pathfinder Roleplaying: Advanced Race Guide [PDF] – Free Download In April 2022

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Advanced Race Guide Pdf

Pathfinder Advanced Race Guide PDF is a sourcebook that introduces a slew of new character choices for all 7 “core” player character races, including archetypes that permit elf characters to explore their connection with nature and magic, feats and spells that enable a dwarf character to hold on the legacy of his multi-generational clan, and gnomes to start exploring their connection to the First World or dive deep into their strange obsessions.

Description of Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Advanced Race Guide Pdf

Pathfinder Advanced Race Guide PDF Book Description

This Pathfinder 2e Pdf guide includes parts on a dozen “spotlight” races, such as Goblins, Dhampyrs, Drow, Aasimar, Tieflings, the elemental races from Bestiary 2, and several others, as well as the ability to create and play characters like Merfolk, Grippli, Duergar, Stryx, and every other appropriate monster currently in the Pathfinder game, for the first time.

Finally, the Advanced Race Guide includes a section that allows players and GMs to build their own custom races, either to mimic more formidable monsters currently in the game or to create completely new characters for their adventure.

If you play Pathfinder on a regular basis, this is absolutely one of the guides you should pick up. It provides a lot of extra options for designing a character in one place.

You’ll gain numerous new races, as well as more options for the ones you’re currently acquainted with.

It divides the available fantasy-setting races into three categories: common, highlighted, and unusual.

There are a lot of possibilities for PC races in this book, including racial class archetypes, racial feats, themed gear/magical items for races, and race-specific spells.

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Get this Pdf guide of Pathfinder 2e, which provides a lot more possibilities for all of the fundamental races, additional information about some less well-known races, and a head start on some downright strange races, and that’s before we even get to the opportunity to build our own races.

It includes very useful information and details for the players of this popular role-playing game.

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Additional Information

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Book Language: English
Number of Pages: 338 Pages
Format Pdf
Pdf File Size: 41 Mb

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