Act of Imagination PDF by Enrique Enriquez Download

act of imagination by enrique enriquez Pdf

This Pdf Book, Act of Imagination by Enrique Enriquez is “Kentonism In Action” and “Telepathy In Action” elevated to new heights and executed more comfortably and easily than ever before. It is a MUST-HAVE book if you appreciate “Kentonism” or “Telepathy in Action.”

act of imagination by enrique enriquez Pdf

Act of Imagination Pdf Book Overview

Enrique provides you with a carefully thought out, organized set of information and tests inside this booklet that you can master and use the next time you feel brave.

The tests (or experiments, if you prefer) in the book are extremely thoroughly detailed with a tonne of specifics, and you are given every little nuance. If you solely set your attention to studying the nuances and “outs” that Enrique carefully teaches to you, you can’t possibly fail.

No, this is not a “perform after you read the instructions for five minutes” gimmick.

This is more than that—much it’s more. Call it innate or primal, non-verbal level, verbal level, but there are other levels as well.

It’s a complex web of ideas, mental composure, acting, and more that you are interacting with another living creature.

There is something that, in my opinion, cannot be communicated through the written word’s limited power, even when it is simply reviewed as an analytical observer would.

Additionally, author, Enrique offers some suggestions on how to begin preparing your audience for the major event.

One of those methods is based on some extremely well-known suggestibility tests that can be found in the best books about stage hypnotism and similar topics, all of which have been expertly sequenced and are available to you.

Download act of imagination Pdf

Download Act of Imagination by Enrique PDF

Get this book by Enrique Enriquez will forever alter how we perform TIA, hypnosis, and Kentonism on stage. Impressing Kenton is difficult, and selling the rights to anyone else’s creation to him is almost never successful.

Find out why Kenton invested a lot of time and money to publish this information.

You can only imagine how happy you will be if he has this much faith in the book.

Kenton Knepper’s student Enrique Enriquez has performed using the content from this book all over the world. Now you can have it.

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Book Language: English
Author: Enrique Enriquez
Format: PDF
PDF File Size: 4 MB

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