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Dungeons & Dragons Acquisitions Incorporated Pdf

Acquisitions Incorporated Pdf helps the players to discover a wealth of threats and personalities in this campaign book for the world’s most excellent roleplaying game, Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition.

It is a different flavor of a fifth edition D&D book developed with Penny Arcade Inc. 

This D&D 5e PDF book is full of hilarious moments, madcap heists, and all the elements you need to have the adventurers of Acquisitions Incorporated in your 5e D&D campaign.

Chapters of Acquisitions Incorporated Pdf

This 5e D&D Pdf book consists of the following four chapters:

Chapter 1: Acquisitions Incorporated Chapter 2: Growing Your Franchise Chapter 3: Player Options Chapter 4: The Orrery of the Wanderer

All of these above-mentioned chapters provide updated material, details, and information for the players of this classic role-playing game.

Apart from the chapters, This book also includes Appendix A, B, C, D, and E, which provide additional information and details for the dungeon masters and the players.

Features of D&D Acquisitions Incorporated Pdf

Features of Acquisitions Incorporated (PDF Book)

All the important features of this 5th edition of Dungeon & Dragons manual, Acquisitions Incorporated PDF are shared below:

  • With this D&D book, start your campaign in the Forgotten Realms or anywhere in the multiverse.
  • Go beyond your imagination of climbing the corporate ladder of the most infamous retrieval agency in the Forgotten Realms.
  • The book will provide the players and Dungeon Masters with plenty of bits to play a D&D 5e game.
  • It includes the latest backgrounds, franchise information, character options, and more exciting information.
  • It contains an adventure that will take characters from levels 1 through 6, showing your party’s claim on a world they’ve just started to explore.

Download D&D 5e: Acquisitions Incorporated Pdf

Download D&D 5e: Acquisitions Incorporated Pdf

Get the PDF of this unique and exciting D&D adventure manual, which provides all the latest and updated details and information for the players of the 5th edition of Dungeon & Dragons to start their exciting campaigns.

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Dungeons & Dragons Acquisitions Incorporated Pdf

Additional Details 

All the additional information and the details about the Acquisitions Incorporated 5e PDF book are shared below:

Language: English
Number Of Pages: 226 Pages
Format: Pdf
Pdf File Size: 51 Mb

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