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About us - Digital Book Point

In this section of about us, Let us tell you that Digital Book Point is an online educational platform providing, and recommending different kinds of online digital books such as Pdf e-Book and reviews to its users.

On this online platform, we share different popular books with our users in digital format for free and also provide our analysis about them.

We are fully committed to working as a team to keep this platform functional and efficient in providing all kinds of latest digital Books or pdf eBooks and reviews to our users.

We Share Digital Books For Education Purposes

On this platform, we share different Digital Books (e-Books) for solely educational purposes.

What is a Digital Book?

Digital Book is any publication available in a digital form consisting of text, images, or both that can be read on computers or smartphones or any other electronic device such as Kindle devices for education.

A Digital book can also be called an eBook, which stands for electronic book.

Types Of Digital Books (eBooks)

There are different types or forms of eBooks, which is called format.

Out of many, the most notable forms of digital books are PDF, EPUB, or Doc files.

Most electronic devices easily support these formats.

However, most commonly eBooks are used in PDF format as it is supported by most devices all around the world.

Some of the latest devices also started to give preference to EPUB over PDF e-Book.

Amazon Kindle devices, which are specially used to read eBooks support PDF format.

What is the purpose of Digital Book Point?

We provide the best quality Pdf eBooks of renowned authors along with reviews to our students for free.

Our Digital Book Point has a large collection of New York Times and International Bestseller eBooks, which get updated regularly.

We provide complete details and information about all the books we share here on this platform for education purposes.

Users can also buy these Books online; all the recommended e-Books have the online stores’ references in every post to purchase them.

If you want to know about our privacy policy, then all the detailed information about it has also been shared in detail to let our users know every minor information about us.

Suppose you have any query or questions regarding anything or want to share any digital book or eBook free pdf with us or for advertisement purposes or anything else. In that case, you are always welcome to contact us. 


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