A Room with a View by E. M. Forster PDF Download

A Room with a View PDF Free Download

A Room with a View by renowned English author E. M. Forster is widely considered one best novel of all time. It is about a young woman living in the conservative England of the Edwardian era. The tale, which takes place in both Italy and England, combines a romance with a lighthearted examination of English society at the turn of the 20th century. In 1985, Merchant Ivory created a successful cinematic adaption.

A Room with a View PDF Free Download

Novel Description

An unexpected meeting, a homicide at Piazza Signoria, a hasty kiss, now the world of Lucy Honeychurch is irrevocably altered. Lucy is a perfect example of the battle for originality as well as the strength and passion of love. She is torn between settling for a life of accepted convention or pursuing her genuine passion.

E.M. Forster’s most romantic book, A Room with a View, also raises issues about the suppressed sexuality and rigid social mores of the day.

Forster’s work, which is set in both Italy and England and contrasts the restraints of late nineteenth-century English society with the easy-going enthusiasm of Italian culture, has been enchanting readers for more than a century.

Download A Room with a View PDF

Get a PDF of this popular novel, which was written in the Edwardian era before the First World War, and begins by illustrating how society at the time was gradually changing and how those changes marked the origins of our contemporary society.

The difficulties raised here, such as independence, freedom of religious expression, politics, class structure, and maintaining a stiff upper lip, are to a degree concealed by the lightness of touch used in the writing.

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