A Modest Proposal Pdf is the eBook of the popular satirical essay by the popular Anglo-Irish essayist and Cleric, Jonathan Swift, which was published in 1729 and considered one of the best essays of all time.

The essay suggests that the poverty-stricken Irish might reduce their economic and financial troubles by selling their own children as food to affluent gentlemen and ladies.

This satirical essay actually mocked the callous attitude of Irish Catholic and British policies toward poor Irish people.

A Modest Proposal Pdf eBook

A Modest Proposal [Book Overview]:

Swift’s essay is widely regarded as one of the most significant and finest displays of sustained irony in English literature and language history.

Most of its shock value originates from the point that the first part of the essay explains the miserable situation of beggars in Ireland so that the reader of the essay is not ready for the wonderment of Swift’s resolution to the problem when he says: “A young well nursed healthy a year old child is a most delicious wholesome and nutritious food, whether baked, stewed, boiled, or roasted; and I make no suspicion that it will fairly serve in a ragout or fricassee.

Swift supports his argument strongly by incorporating a list of probable preparation styles of these young children and explaining the suggestion’s financial benefits.

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Get the Pdf eBook of this popular Essay by Jonathan Swift, which is considered one of the best satirical essays of all time in the English literature history.

Jonathan Swift used sustained irony to its best throughout this essay to support his argument.

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