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A Long Way Gone Pdf By Ishmael Beah Download

A Long Way Gone Pdf Book by Ishmael Beah is the popular memoir of the author from Sierra Leon, which tells the account of his participation in the Sierra Leon Civil War as a child soldier.

It put focus on the issues of how the children of western Africa are forced to join the local militant groups. 

The story of this memoir, A Long Way Gone is the real-life story of the author, Ishmael Beah.

A Long Way Gone Pdf eBook

He recounts the events of how the civil war in his home, Sierra Leon deprived him of everything he had and forced him to become join the local militia as a child soldier. 

After its publication in 2008, the book received wide acclamation and became the best international seller book of the year.

The revelation in this Pdf Book about the life of children in war-torn African countries will shock you.

A Long Way Gone Pdf Book

A Long Way Gone Pdf Book Overview

The memoir by Ishmael Beah is a firsthand account of the author’s experience as a Child soldier when his village was attacked by the rebel and he had ran away for his life.

After wandering the war-torn country, he was forced to carry the weapon and became part of the deadly conflict as a soldier in a local militant group.

He was only 13 years old when he was forced to take arms and drugs to become part of a deadly civil war in Sierra Leon until he was rescued by UNICEF and helped him to find his uncle.

The revelations made by the author shocked the world that how the future of the children of western Africa was darkened by deadly conflicts and civil wars.

The story of this memoir is not just the life story of Ishmael Beah but the story of millions of children of Africa deprived of their life and forced to become a tool that fuels the deadly conflicts in the war-torn countries.

Memoir By Ishmael Beah

Download A Long Way Gone Pdf Book

Download the Pdf book of the popular memoir book written by Ishmael Beah that narrates his experiences and time as a Child soldier in the civil war.

A Long Way Gone gives the actual account of the lives of children used by the militant groups to join their ranks and turn them into deadly weapons.

The book became one of the best international sellers after its publication and the author received wide acclamation for his work.

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Additional Details About Book 

All the extra information and the details about this popular memoir book, A Long Way Gone By Ishmael Beah shared below:

Book Language: English
Number Of Pages: 229 Pages
ISBN-10 9780374531263
ISBN-13 978-0374531263
Book Dimensions 5.5 x 0.75 x 8.5 inches

Frequently Asked Questions

All the important questions related to A Long Way Gone Pdf Book are shared below with suitable answers.

Is this a true story?

Yes, the book narrates the real-life events of its author, Ishmael Beah during his time as a child soldier in his homeland, Sierra Leon.

How Ishmael Beah escaped his life as child solider?

Ishmael Beah spent three years as Child Solider until he was rescued by UNICEF, after the rehabilitation program he was reunited with his uncle.

Can I Use this Pdf Book On Kindle Device?

Yes, you can download A long way Gone Pdf and use it on any Kindle device for free.

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