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A Doll's House Pdf eBook

The Pdf eBook of A Doll’s House is a three-act play authored by Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen. It was premiered at the Royal Theatre in Denmark on December 21 and published in November, 1879. The story of this play is set in a Norwegian town in 1879.

The play is notable for how it deals with the destiny of a married woman, who in Norway lacked fair opportunities for self-fulfilment in a male-dominated world, even though Ibsen denied he intended to write a feminist play.

A Doll's House Pdf eBook

Play Overview

The play begins during the Christmas season as Nora Helmer enters her house carrying many packages. Nora’s husband Torvald is working on his study when she arrives.

He lightly scolds her for spending so much money on Christmas gifts, declaring her his “little squirrel.”

He teases her about how she had spent weeks making gifts and ornaments by hand the previous year because money was scarce.

Torvald is about to get a promotion at the bank where he works, so Nora feels they can easily bear spending extra.

The maid tells about two visitors: Mrs Kristine Linde, Nora’s old friend, who has come seeking employment, and Dr Rank, a close family friend, let into the study.

Kristine has had a troublesome few years since her husband’s demise, leaving her with no children or money.

Nora states that things have not been comfortable for them either: Torvald became sick, and they had to move to Italy so he could recover.

Kristine says that when her mother was ill, she had to take care of her brothers, but now that they are grown, she feels her life is empty.

Nora vows to talk to Torvald about finding her a job. Kristine tenderly tells Nora that she is childish.

Nora is offended, so she ridicules the idea that she got money from any admirer so they could move to Italy to improve Torvald’s health.

Download A Doll's House By Henrik Ibsen Pdf
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Download A Doll’s House Pdf eBook

Get the Pdf eBook of this popular three act play by Henrik Ibsen, which is considered one of his most popular plays of all time.

A Doll’s House held the prominence of being the world’s most performed play in 2006.

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Additional Detials

All the important information and details about Pdf eBook of this play are shared below:

Written by: Henrik Ibsen
  • Nora
  • Torvald Helmer
  • Krogstad
  • Mrs. Linde
  • Dr. Rank
  • Children
  • Anne-Marie
  • Helene
Subject The awakening of a middle-class wife and mother
Genre Naturalistic / realistic problem play
Modern tragedy
Pdf File Size: 11.4 Mb


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